The History of Indian School Darsait 1992 – 2017: A Glimpse

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The vision of a group of young, enterprising Indian expatriates took shape when Indian School Darsait was initially set up as the Kerala State Board Syllabus Stream (KSBS) of Indian School Muscat in July 1992. This fulfilled the aspirations of a community, miles away from ‘God’s Own Country’ to educate their children according to the Kerala State Board educational system and imbibing them with the cultural and traditional heritage that they treasured. The school embarked on its journey at a solemn ceremony held on 25th April 1993. The classes were officially declared open by H.E. P.K. Kunjalikutty, Minister for Industries, Government of Kerala in the presence of H.E. M.V. Raghavan, the then Minister for Co-operative Sector and Ports, Government of Kerala, H.E. Ranjit Gupta, former Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, the Board of Directors of the Indian Schools in Oman, the members of the Indian School Muscat Management Sub-Committee and the members of the Kerala State Board Syllabus Sub-committee.

Complimenting the Ambassador, the Board of Directors of the Indian Schools in Oman and the Indian School Muscat Management Sub-committee members for the introduction of this new stream, the Ministers assured all possible help from the Government of Kerala for the betterment of this stream and so did they as the school blossomed into an independent entity with classes up to Grade 12 within the next eight years. In 2004, the school management decided to run a parallel CBSE stream. Later, the KSBS stream was discontinued and the school continued as a full-fledged CBSE affiliated school.

The school took its first initial steps forward with 127 students on its rolls in 1992 and since then has grown to the strength of over 3000 students in just 20 years. It is noteworthy that the school has not only achieved phenomenal progress in academics and other co-scholastic areas over these years but also carved a niche for itself among the expatriate Indian community. The shift from KSBS to CBSE proved to be a blessing in disguise. Though it was set up mainly for the expatriate community from Kerala, today the school is the first choice for many from different states of India.

The vision of the school is ‘to be the most preferred Indian community school in Oman.’ Towards this end, the school has been constantly striving to accomplish its mission to provide the best environment for children to enjoy learning, to empower children to unravel their potential so as to excel in different fields of their choice, to empower teachers to impart quality education to mould children into responsible individuals of society, and to provide opportunities to children for the all round development of their personality and to instill values in children to mould them into global citizens.

Several hundred students go out through the threshold of this institution, year after year prepared and ready to start afresh, to face the challenges of life and to grab the opportunities that life gives them in their journey to make a mark of themselves.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

After successfully completing twenty years when one turns back at the annals of Indian School Darsait, he can proudly say that though 20 years in the life of an institution is too short a time, the achievements speak volumes considering the fact that the institution has been a community school right from its inception, keeping its portals open to every expatriate child looking for quality education.

Having had a humble beginning in a rented premise in Jibroo, the school has been making every possible effort to provide children a holistic education that encompasses and integrates mental, physical and spiritual aspects of school education.

When serious thought was given towards the need for having a purpose built building to accommodate the growing number of students the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman, Management Sub-committee and parents whole heartedly devoted their precious time and effort to obtain a suitable building on lease for the school. It was due to their decisive and unflinching support that this dream was realized. The new building, the present senior school campus, acquired on lease was inaugurated by H.E. Satnamjit Singh, the then Ambassador of India to the Sultanate in 1999.

Senior School – A Dream Come True

The school reached yet another milestone in the service the Indian expatriate community on 6th July 1998, when it began functioning in this purpose built new building, acquired on lease, which houses the present Senior School. It is located at Darsait in the Muscat Governorate in the dynamic and progressive land of Sultanate of Oman. The school has been a dream-come-true for many enterprising Indian expatriates, with all advanced facilities required for a modern school. It is a matter of great pride that today Indian School Darsait is one of the pioneer institutions providing opportunity for quality education and character building.


A Wish Fulfilled – Primary School

On 10th October 2001, another mission was successfully accomplished, when the foundation stone for the proposed additional leased building for Primary School was laid by H.E K.M Meena, the then Indian Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman. Soon the Primary section began functioning independently as a new wing by September 2002, with nearly 800 students on rolls.

Thus Indian School Darsait is now located on two plots of land measuring 5000 sq. m. each, in two magnificent buildings – one for the Primary section which is on lease and the other for Senior section, which is owned by the school.




Change is Inevitable

The school functioned smoothly for another six years, growing by leaps and bounds with every passing year. But soon the school was to witness a real big change that would alter the identity of the school. The year 2004 saw the advent of CBSE stream into the School campus and it ran along with the KSBS stream for the next four years. With many students opting out of the KSBS stream to join the CBSE stream and to accommodate the growing demand for CBSE Stream, in 2009 the school decided to transform the school into a full-fledged CBSE affiliated (CBSE, New Delhi- vide order cbse/.aff/613012/2005/20728732 dated 8th September 2005) school. Today, Indian School Darsait is one of the sought after institution that caters to the need of the wider expatriate Indian community.

The school is also approved by the Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman. This shift in focus also saw the implementation of the ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ as introduced by the CBSE. ISD was one of the first schools that initiated CCE in its true spirit and three years later the school equips students with life skills especially creative and critical thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills which will be helpful in future when they enter into a highly competitive environment. The school also objectively prepares each child for life by making him physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced, which in the larger perspective trains him to become a responsible global citizen.

The Proud Moments of Joy and Achievement

Having marched ahead, a great distance towards excellence and achievements, the prominent stakeholders of this illustrious institution felt the need to own a building for the School. The then School Management Committee left no stone unturned in turning this long cherished dream into a reality. The enormous support given by the Board of Directors, Indian School Muscat and the ISD parent community in purchasing the Senior School building is revered and remembered with sincere gratitude. It was the zeal, enthusiasm and confidence of those pioneers that made this dream into a reality.

From a modest start, the school has grown big enough to reach the horizon through the goodwill and generosity of the wider Indian expatriate community. Today the educational facilities the school provides are impressive. The Digital Campus introduced by the school was a technological boon for wholesome teaching-learning and administrative faculties.

ISD Stands Tall & Assures Quality

After twenty years of its continued service to the society today the school can boast of various achievements in the different fields.  Indian School Darsait is the only school outside India accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training, Quality Council of India for Quality School Governance. Quality and perfection have become the guiding light of the ISD family.

To enhance the quality of education and to improve the infrastructure facilities, the School Management Committees have selflessly dedicated their sincere service to this institution in various capacities. It is due to their foresight and strategy that Indian School Darsait, today, stands second to none in the Sultanate of Oman. The hard work and dedication of the teachers, parents, administrative and support staff over the past twenty years are equally praiseworthy.

If we do not change ourselves we become outdated. The need of the hour is to equip our students to face the challenges of life. And, so let this journey towards excellence continue, since we have miles to go before we sleep.