“Evolution of knowledge comes with experience.”And… learning becomes complete when the learner translates learning into practice. The Annual Exhibition, PANORAMA 2018, enthusiastically organized on 9th August 2018 focused on ingraining a scientific and creative attitude in our young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society by a hands- on experience. The exhibition engaged children, parents and teachers to synergise experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel. Hundreds of displays dotted several sections of School with participation ranging from classes 1 to 5. The Exhibition was organised with an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among students. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Mohd. Tufail Ahmad, Head of Purchase Sub Committee SMC. The occasion was graced by Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, School Management Committee, Mr. Ajit Vasudevan, Convenor, SMC and other esteemed SMC members.
It provided the students a vista to showcase their abilities in presenting their skills in front of the parents and other dignitaries. The wonderfully talented SEN children welcomed the Chief Guest, President and the Principal with the bouquet made by their little fingers under the able guidance of the Special Educator and Counsellor from the SEN department. The colourful and bright flowers of the bouquet reflected the pure heart of the SEN children. The enthusiasm of the participants was visible and infectious as they participated in large number and spoke with elegance and did their experiments in front of the Chief Guest, President and members of the SMC who were proudly escorted by the Principal Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath.
Exhibits from varied topics given to the kids created a rich landscape where numbers, monuments, the planets and the superlatives vied with traditional tools and Google play, beckoning the enthusiastic parents and visitors to have a peep, while the enormous talent of the students and their guiding lights was at display as they performed skits and sang folk songs on their chosen themes. The topics like Craft, work Experience, Best out of Waste, Science, Social Studies and languages explored.
The budding scientists of the school presented many creative ideas as exhibits. There were number of still and working models on display such as Double Circulation, Hydraulic Lift, Ecophonics, Solar system, Smart city, Journey of Food, Art and Culture of various states of India, Evolution of Computers etc.
The students came up in large number with creative and unique way to exhibit each topic inspite of the short duration. The students were all excited to explain and illustrate their Innovative ideas. There were large number of parents and visitors who appreciated their work of art and creativity by encouraging the students for their hard work.

The Chief Guest was all praise for the organisers, students and the torchbearers, comprising of the Principal Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Vice Principal Mrs. Geeta N Chauhan, Supervisor, Coordinators, HODs and the pillars of support, which without doubt was the parent community of ISD who put in their effort to make PANORAMA 2018 a grand success.
The Annual exhibition of the school was a grand show with more than 600 Exhibits on display. The Chief Guest and the President appreciated the novel ideas of the participants by encouraging them and visiting their stalls and participating in the activities and games organised. The exhibition provided a platform to scientific experimentation and innovation to the future scientists. The enthusiasm and skill clubbed with in depth knowledge was commendable.


ISD hosts Iftar this year too by upholding the values of ensuing month of Ramadan on 31st May 2018 at Schools auditorium. The School Management Committee and ISD fraternity hosted Iftar to bring together people from various community with spirit of oneness. The event was a testimony to the assembly of multifarious cultures and traditions to celebrate unity in diversity and to strengthen the spiritual bonding sending across a message of brotherhood during the holy month of Ramadan.

Many eminent personalities from different walks of the community such as BOD members, School Management Committee members, former officer bearers of SMC, Principal, Teachers, Parents, staff and family graced and blessed this holy event. With a cordial welcome by the Principal followed by the holy recital of Fathiha by ISD Arabic Teacher marked the auspicious beginning of the evening and sanctified the ambience. Goodies carefully chosen to suit the taste buds during the fasting month included a spectrum of items like water, laban, dates, fruits and snacks. The turnout was extremely amazing as the invitation was very well responded to. Around three hundred people attended the programme and enjoyed the delicacies that included a sumptuous dinner. An elaborate arrangement for prayers was made at the school.

The President, SMC and the Principal thanked the attendees from the core of their hearts for keeping up the spirit of Fasting and the Iftar Get-together.


The Anugraha Charity Club of ISD was extending their support for the needy local people during the Ramadan season since many years. The Charity Club with the support of Philanthropists and volunteers distributed “Ramadan Kit” to the local people and the Staff residing near the School. Like last year this year too, the student volunteers went to the nearby houses and spread the fragrance of Ramadan. This is a learning experience to the student volunteers. The Ramadan kit was distributed to the Omani Staff in the School by Principal, Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath. “Ramadan is the month of purity. It is also teaching us to support the fellow human. Very glad to see that the student volunteers and philanthropists thinking the people and supporting them on this great month”. She also congratulated the team consisting of Mr. Alexander Gee Vargheese, Vice Principal (Senior Section), Mr. Joseph Martin & Mrs. Bindu Thomas members of Anugraha Charity Club, Mr. Lal A Pillai, HOD, Co-Scholastics and Mr. Radhakrishna Kurup, Incharge of Anugraha Charity Club and student volunteers.


Academic Excellence Award Ceremony of Indian School Darsait was organised on June 5, 2018. Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman, BOD, Indian Schools in Oman, was the Chief Guest.

The programme started with prayer followed by the welcome speech in which Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal commended the outstanding performance of students catalyzed by the strategic planning and efforts of the teachers along with active support of their parents in helping the school maintain the apex position with zero failure in both Class XII and Class X Board Examinations. She lauded the efforts of teachers and students of pioneer batch of the NIOS stream in bringing an exceptional result. She profusely thanked the BoD for the pioneering programmes for the enhancement of education and the SMC for their leadership and guidance in making it a reality. She further quoted the Chief Guest, “Our children should be competent academically, physically and emotionally to brave the challenges of the 21st century.” She assured that ISD would always be there in the forefront in making the vision of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman a reality.

A special Bouquet of Chocolates and a jacket with block print done by the students of the SEN department was presented to the Chief Guest.
Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC addressing the audience congratulated the students whose hard work and determination scripted success stories and lauded the efforts of teachers and parents for facilitating and motivating them to achieve centums.

In his key-note address the Chief Guest said, “It is just one success that gives us inspiration for a life time so imagine how well a room full of achievers could inspire us”. He further elaborated that education needed a paradigm shift from knowledge sharing platforms to centres of excellence that would embrace sustainability and collaboration. He reinforced the idea taking recourse to the Aristotelian dictum, “Excellence is not an act but a habit”. Excellence, he said, is in our hands, it is not a talent and it is our choice and our attitude”. He urged the students to compete with their own yesterdays and not with anyone else and wished ISD every success in its endeavour to scale greater heights in the days to come. The Chairman concluded with a thought for everyone to ponder over- Are you the best version of yourselves?

The Chief Guest gave away Gold Medals to the Toppers of Class XII Science and Commerce streams as well as Class X Topper of ISD. Mementos and Certificates were given away to Second and Third Toppers of Classes XII and X as well as to National Toppers in subjects of Classes XII and X and winners of A1 in all subjects of class X. The entire pioneer batches of NIOS Classes XII & X students were specially felicitated. Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC distributed prizes for Subject Toppers of Class XII while Mr. Ajit Vasudevan, Convener, SMC honoured Subject Toppers of Class X & Class Toppers of both Science and Commerce streams of Class XI.

Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, gave away the Principal’s Honour, to all the students of Classes I to XII. Mr. Afroz Ahmad, Treasurer, SMC distributed prizes to the Toppers of Classes VII to IX whereas Mr. Mohammad Tufail Ahmad, Head-Purchase & Crisis Management, SMC honoured Class Toppers of IV to VI while Mr. Vinod Kumar, Head Parent Relation Subcommittee and Mrs. Blessy Diana Shijin, Head Cocurricular Subcommittee felicitated Toppers of Classes I, II &III.

The President SMC, Mr.Jaikish Pavithran presented a memento to the Chief Guest, Dr Baby Sam Saamuel, as a token of gratitude and appreciation.
Thanking the dignitaries and invitees Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, said that ISD owed a lot to them for their presence and support. He expressed his deep appreciation to one and all for making the evening a delightfully memorable one to carry home. The function came to an end with the Royal Anthem of Oman and the National Anthem of India.

ISD basks in Glory with momentous Results in NIOS Secondary level Class X Exam

Indian School Darsait has yet again outshone as NIOS Secondary Students brought in an astounding result without any compartment in the NIOS Secondary Examination held in April 2017-18. Muhammed Sabeel Usman,Manisha Shekhawat, Abhiram Muralidhar Menon, Pierre Dixon Countinho, Yash Mohan Kotian, Sujin Babu and Mark E L Roy Vinu appeared for all the five subjects and came out with flying colours.

Mohammed Sabeel Usman notched an aggregate of 81.8%,while Manisha Shekhawat secured 81.2%, followed by Abhiram Muralidhar Menon and Pierre Dixon Countinho who secured77.4%. Their diligence and perseverance elevated the name of ISD – NIOS to its glory.

Mohammed Sabeel Usman made school proud by securing 96% in Data Entry and 83% in Home Science. Mohammed Sabeel Usman and Pierre Dixon Countinho topped in Painting with a score of 95%. Manisha Shekhawat gave her best shot with 78% in Hindi. Abhiram Muralidhar Menon secured 75% in English and Mark E.L.Roy Vinu bagged 63% in Accountancy.

Dr. Baby Sam Samuel, Chairman, BOD, Indian Schools in Oman congratulated the NIOS Students for bringing laurels to the school and the faculty for their altruistic effort.

Mr.Jaikish Pavithran, President of the School Management Committee congratulated the ISD-NIOS students for their diligence and applauded the faculty for their inspiration and ownership.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, expressed her exuberance at the astonishing achievements of NIOS students and congratulated the NIOS students, Supervisor Mr. Radhakrishna Kurup, our Special Educator Mrs. Gayathri Narasimhan and the NIOS faculty for their relentless support rendered to the NIOS students. These students who have imprinted indelible marks in the annals of ISD-NIOS would be felicitated on 5th June 2018, at the Academic Excellence Award Ceremony.


dian School Darsait is exultant over its efficacy as NIOS Senior Secondary Students brought in a stupendous result without any compartment in the NIOS Senior Secondary Examination held in April 2018. Eight students appeared for all the five subjects and all have come out with flying colours with an incredible score of 81.8%, the school average which is highly remarkable.


Aman Hussain top-scored with 89%, while Fatema Firoz bagged with 88.2%, followed by Vaishnav Sudeer who secured third with 81.2% and Rahul Kishore Malsekar stood fourth with 81%. These students uplifted the name of ISD–NIOS to the zenith with their diligence and determination.

Fatema Firoz made school proud by scoring 98% in Home Science. Aman Hussain and Vaishnav Sudeer brought laurels by scoring 96% in Panting. Aman Hussain and Fatema Firoz bagged 92 % in Data Entry Operation. Fatema Firoz topped with 89% in Business Studies and 78 % in Mass Communication. Aman Hussain and Rahul Kishore Malsekar secured 88% in English.

Other Toppers who gave their best shots are Alfred Brian Rebeiro -77 % in Accountancy, Aleeya Mohammed Salim – 76 % in Sociology and 72% in Psychology. Ben Mathew Abraham secured 79.6% aggregate.

Indian School Darsait – NIOS accentuated the vision to impart Sustainable Inclusive Learning with Universal and flexible access to Quality Education. The Vision and the Mission of NIOS were the Benchmark of ISD –NIOS.

Indian School Darsait – NIOS has provided more strength and inexorable support to these children who were deprived of opportunities and gave them a new horizon to their future. Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman BOD, Indian Schools in Oman, who had inaugurated the NIOS venture, expressed his jubilation by congratulating the NIOS Students and the faculty for their outstanding results.

Dr. C. M. Najeeb, Vice Chairman, BOD, Indian Schools in Oman congratulated the students and acclaimed the team of teachers for their dedication in the remarkable success of the NIOS results under the vibrant leadership of the Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath.

Indian School Darsait was a realm for these students with the genuine support and guidance of Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, the former President, SMC.
Mr.Jaikish Pavithran , President of the School Management Committee congratulated the ISD-NIOS and stated that it is a day of pride and accomplishment, a day of celebration. It gives a sense of achievement and conveyed his appreciation to the team for providing continuing and Holistic Education, catering to the Educational needs of the prioritized target groups for Equality and social justice.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, congratulated and wished the students to be bold enough and keep their aim high by believing in their hard work. She also expressed her ecstasy by stating that “These children had lost all hopes and today the happy and bright faces of these children and the NIOS parents are giving us more strength that ISD was able to provide shelter under the NIOS”. She assured that “We will continue to take any children from anywhere and shelter and mould them towards leading a successful life”. She thanked the ever dedicated staff, especially the NIOS Supervisor Mr. Radhakrishna Kurup who were the beacons of happiness for rendering their care and assistance to these young minds.


Indian School Darsait is exuberant over its buoyant students as they brought in an outstanding result in the CBSE Examination held in March 2018. It is indeed a proud moment and celebration time for ISD family as its Class X result carved a niche in the annals of the achievements of the school.

Sneha Ann Reji topped with 97%, followed by Adithya B Panicker with 96.6% while Abhiram Prakash stood third with 96.2%.

Both Nandana Sreekumar and Ashna Sunil became National Toppers in Social Science scoring 100/100.


The other subject toppers are: Adithya B Panicker – 96 (English), Nitu Sharma – 96 (Hindi) Nived R.Nair – 99 (Malayalam) Amy.R – 93 (Arabic) Yash Kiran Kuwalekar – 88 (Sanskrit), Abhiram Prakash and Yash Kiran Kuwalekar – 99 (Maths), Sneha Ann Reji – 99 (Science).

School average: English 81.9%, Hindi 79.1%, Malayalam 84.3%, Arabic 77.8%, Sanskrit 69.6%, Maths 69.8%, Science 68%, Social Science 79.2%, and ISD is proud to announce the overall school average at 75.8% – a marvelous feat.

Of the 159 students, 100 students ( 63%) scored more than 75 % of marks, whereas those scored above 60% stood at 139 (87%) making the result an all-time accomplishment.

Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, Principal, congratulated and lauded the students and highly appreciated the tireless efforts of the teachers and the unstinted support of the parents in making the stars of ISD shine the brightest ever. Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC and the Members conveyed their deep appreciation to Team ISD over the incredible result that the school could garner on their glorious achievement.


Indian School Darsait is immensely proud as its Principal Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath has been yet again appointed as Post-Result CBSE Counsellor to provide counseling services to students and their parents to overcome common psychological problems and general queries after the declarations of Class X & XII Board results.

The second phase of Annual Counselling is from 26th May 2018 to 9th June 2018 between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm on all working days. It is a voluntary, free of cost service that can be availed of by students of Indian Schools across the Sultanate of Oman.

The CBSE Counselling is an outreach programme which is carefully designed keeping the heterogeneity of student’s population and geographical spread. CBSE Tele counselling is largely offered by trained counsellors and Principals from within CBSE affiliated schools located in India and outside India. The students and parents who require assistance may reach the Principal at or 99432243 between 4 pm and 8 pm.

ISD makes its mark again with centum result without any Compartment in AISSCE 2018

Indian School Darsait did a commendable job as its Grade XII students brought laurels to the school with 100 % result without any compartment in the AISSC Examination 2017-18.


In Science Stream Drishti Jitendra Panchal top-scored with 94% while Amal Fathima bagged the second position with 93.4% and Geo Jose Alapatt and Harikrishnan Lal Pillai shared the third position with 93.2%


In Commerce Stream, Samuel Jose secured the first position with 88.6%, followed by Abhishek Raj with 88.2.% while Ayesha Munaf Parkar grabbed the third position with 88%

Among the subjects, Marketing topped, scoring the school average of 86.7. Computer Science came second with the school average of 81.9% followed by Physics with 79.9%.

Malavika Raj secured 100/100 in Psychology becoming the National Topper.

Jagannamayee Narendra Banarse and Abhishek Raj made school proud scoring 97 % each in Economics and Marketing respectively. Mohammed Shakker Usman scored 96% in Computer Science while Amal Fathima scored 95% in English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Harikrishnan Lal Pillai got 95% in English, Maths and Chemistry whereas Devika B.R secured 95% in English, Physics and Chemistry.Geo Jose Alapatt got 95% in Maths, Physics and Chemistry while Mayukha Thumiki secured 95% in Maths and Chemistry. Drishti Jitendra Panchal secured 95% in English and Physics and 92% in Biology. Other subject toppers are : Bhadra Ashok Kumar(95% in English & 94 % in Economics) and Sreedevi Sreejith (95% in English). Mathematics: Indulekha Mahilamoni (95%); Physics: Huda Rafeeque C.N and Asma Siddik (95%); Chemistry: Nebin Mathew, Josline Varghese, Mebin Manoj, Amith Prasanth K, Afreen Shafir and Archana N.S (95%); Business Studies: Samuel Jose, Abhishek Raj, Shirin Shana Pazhayarandupura (95%); Mulimedia & Web Technology: Ayesha Munaf Parkar (92%); Biology: Huda Rafeeque C.N and Malavika Raj (92%); Maths (commerce stream) and Accountancy: Samuel Jose (89% each)
Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal congratulated the students, parents and teachers profusely on this remarkable accomplishment. She lauded the best efforts of all who worked as catalysts in making school proud and exuberant

Mr.Jaikish Pavithran President and other esteemed members of the SMC conveyed their joy and happiness over the outstanding results.


Indian School Darsait conducted Model UN Assembly on Thursday, 17 May 2018, under the guidance of Social Science Department. It was indeed a learning experience for all the students who participated and witnessed the event.

38 students from Classes IX to XI represented 38 different nations as their official delegates and presented the pressing issues, these nations faced in various spheres and also commented on the scientific and technological advancements that their nations achieved through decisiveness, commitment, perseverance and hard work of people and the government as a united entity. They also invited the United Nation’s attention towards timely involvement and support wherever required. Eight other students participated as the UN Secretary General and UN reporters.

The ‘On the Spot’ questions raised by different delegates and the appropriate response given by the other nations were received with a thunderous applause by the audience. It revealed the cutting edge knowledge and acumen of the delegates in the international affairs.
Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, lauded the delegates and the Secretary General for their commendable performance showcasing their oratory and debating skills and appreciated the team in creating and maintaining a UN ambience throughout the programme.

ISD Organized KG Welcome Day

Welcome Day celebration has been a foundation for the positive relationship among children, parents and the school at Indian School Darsait. It also helps to prepare a child for a positive start to their school journey. It was truly, an exciting, successful and happy experience, as ISD family welcomed their newest and youngest members to its fold on Monday, 8th April 2018, with a positive start to their school journey. Cheered on by their elders from Class V with an echoing of “ Hearty welcome to ISD” and a thunderous applaud, the tiny tots walked on proudly with their parents to their new world of letters and numbers, greeted and accompanied by the mascots for the first time, to be welcomed happily by the roaring young crowd.The school Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, embraced each of them with a heartwarming welcome and later, spent time with the little ones in the classroom while, they were also blessed with the honourable presence of the SMC President Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Convener of SMC, Mr. Thomas George, Head of Infrastructure Committee, Mr. C. X. Varghese, Head of Sports Subcommittee, Head of SEN, Mrs. Shama Shams, Vice Principal(Primary Section) Mrs. Geeta Chauhan and Supervisor, Mr. Benny Sam, Coordinators Mrs. Bindu Ranjit and Mrs. Sheeja Philip along with the teachers who encouraged the families as they kept walking in.

Grabbing their backpacks and attired in their best outfits, they walked into the school with mixed emotions, entertained by their friends of fantasy; the “Panda”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” who made their day a very special and memorable one. It was easy to break the ice with the bubbles in the foyer as they stepped in for the first time. The teachers welcomed them into their vibrant classes to experience sensory and fun filled activities, like water play, blocks, sand tray and much more that kept them busy all throughout the day and also helped in easing their first day jitters. It was a very heartwarming moment when the anxious parents left their tiny tots in the classroom reassuring both themselves and their precious ones that it will be exciting. Indeed, the day ended with all smiles and happy faces, going home after a joyful day which they enjoyed in the company of mascots, bubbles and their new found friends and teacher that would help them with a fun filled and successful year ahead.


Indian School Darsait organized Investiture Ceremony of the office bearers of the Student Council for the academic year 2018-19 on 16 May at senior school auditorium. Dr. C.M Najeeb, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath Principal, extended a cordial welcome to the Chief Guest and the august gathering of dignitaries who included Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC, esteemed members of SMC, school administrators, staff, parents and students.

The Principal further briefed the audience about the purpose of student council and how the present body took shape through a transparent, democratic and rigorous process of election and selection conducted over the past a few days. She proudly announced the names of students selected for the ceremonial posts led by Harikeshav Pramodu and Anannya Jaikish, Head Boy and Head Girl respectively, Abhimanyu Bhati -Sports Captain, Aromal Shaji -Cultural Secretary, Anjali Krishna- Literary Secretary, Malavika Ramachandran- HSE Secretary, Maitreyee Yogesh Naik -IT Secretary, Deputy Ceremonial Heads, Akshay Ajit- Assistant Head Boy, S Poorna Sree- Assistant Head Girl, General Prefects and House Coordinators. It was followed by the introduction of Captains, Vice Captains and House Prefects by the House Counsellors of four houses: Bapu, C.V Raman, Tagore and Vivekananda. Following which the Principal administered the pledge to the new leaders.

The Chief Guest along with President, SMC, and Principal pinned badges and sashes to the Ceremonial Heads, General Prefects, House Coordinators, Captains and Vice Captains while the House Counsellors did the honours to the House Prefects.

The Chief Guest called upon the students to enjoy every moment of life by doing good things and celebration of life should guide them beyond tests and exams. They should learn from experience and be ready to face challenges that life poses. He further said that how much they cared for others was more important than how much they knew. Moreover, they should be very diligent in discharging their duties as responsible student leaders.

Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC, congratulated the budding and vibrant leaders of ISD and reminded them that they should follow certain life principles such as nurturing positive thoughts and fellow feeling. He focused on the attributes of a good leader and how he/she would attract followers. The Head Boy and the Head Girl representing the Student Council delivered their acceptance speech. They spoke emphatically on the nobility of their positions, swore their support and allegiance to the school and promised to discharge their duties and responsibilities as keen participants and role models.

Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese Vice Principal (Senior Section), proposed vote of thanks and expressed his profound and profuse gratitude to each and every one especially the Chief Guest, distinguished guests and parents for sparing their valuable time in making the day a very memorable one. The school choir created a solemn ambience with melodious and motivational songs.

Muscat Daily recycling project support


Indian School Darsait emerged as the overall champions with a glittering show in Science India Fiesta 2017-18 organized by Science India Forum Muscat on 11 and 12 May 2018. ISD proved its mettle by winning two first positions, one-second position and two third positions in the various competitions held at Indian School Wadi Kabir and Al Muthana Square. Out of all the Indian schools that participated in this prestigious competitions, ISD secured the School of Excellence Award scoring the highest number of points for the third time in its history . ISD also bagged the Rolling Trophy for the Sastra Pratibha Contest under the Sub-junior category. It is yet another story of success that has added one more feather to its crown.

Athulya Jaikish (IX), Nandakrishna Giri (X),Hetavi S Gandhi(XI) won the first position in Science Exhibition for seniors. ISD left an indelible imprint in photography competition with its young photographers Mohammed Sameer Khan (IX),Nandakrishna Giri (X) and Sanjeeth Devadiga (XI) securing the first position. Masa Muharram (X), Abhirami Rajiv (X), Akarsh Vincent (X), Adil Sharafudheen (XI), Priyanka P Thashnath (XII), Anjali Krishna Subash (XII), Rohan Roy (XII) and Vaishakh Sreekumar (XII) mustered their skills and reached the second slot in a spectacular science skit contest. Nandika Ranjit (X) managed to get third position in the debate competition conducted for juniors whereas in ‘On the Spot Science Project Ayisha Reem (IX), Divyasri Uday (X), Prithivilal Anilal (XI) and Harikeshav Pramodu (XII) stood third adding valuable points to ISD score. Earlier, in the Sastra Pratibha contest Chithira P V of class VII and Adithya B Panicker of class XI had been adjudged Sastra Pratibha and Sastra Prabha respectively, and six of our students got A+ while twelve others won A grade.

The President and the Members of the School Management Committee felicitated team ISD for bringing laurels to the school once again. Dr. Sridevi. P. Thashnath, Principal was full of appreciation for the winners who took the school to yet another pinnacle of success. She congratulated profusely the teachers of Department of Science and all other teachers and non-teaching staff who were associated with the event for training and guiding the participants to such a memorable achievement. She also commended the leadership of Mrs. Sreekala Manoharan, HoD, Science, for ensuring excellent supervision and teamwork and Mr. Harikrishnan, senior teacher in Chemistry and SIF Coordinator, ISD for the smooth conduct of events.

Mock UN Assembly

International Day of Yoga Celebration


ISD Organizes Orientation Sessions

Indian School Darsait organised Orientation Sessions for the parents of both Primary and Senior sections on various days in April 2018. The aim was to familiarize the parents with the curriculum, tests and examinations, discipline, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies, co-scholastic activities with detailed information about the learning parameters based on innovative teaching and learning methodologies followed in school, the counselling sessions, working style of the Resource room for SEN students besides giving them a few ideal parenting tips.

The parents were also briefed about transport facilities provided to the children under the safe school transport system, importance of safety, various kinds of hazards, the precautions to be taken and the facilities available in school in the wake of any untoward incident.
Apart from those informative sessions, there were two guest speakers – Dr. Jayakumar S Ambigapathy and Ms. Sumaira Fatima from International Medical Centre- Sugar, Apollo, Muscat who enlightened the parents on ‘Hormone Related Issues among Students’ and ‘Obesity and Healthy Eating Habits’ respectively. It was indeed an eye- opener and a learning experience for all.

Earlier, the Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, had urged the parents of Primary Section to be positive about the development of their ward but at the same time, cautioned them of their health and the effects of different parenting styles. She also called upon them not to give up in the event of early setbacks associated with the progress of their wards. Addressing the parents of Senior Section, the Principal exhorted them to monitor their wards in every aspect but be smart enough to handle their smarter children of Google Age. She also asked them to be their friends so that they would not hide anything but rather trust them, which in turn, would enable them to acquire the values and principles of life on their way to becoming global citizens.

Orientation for Parents of Classes XI & XII , 26 April 2018



ISD has begun its winning spree in quizzing with the start of the new academic year. The school added yet another feather to its crown as its teams in both senior and junior categories won the first position in an Inter-School Quiz Competition organized by Indian Social Club, Oman.

Varun S Nair (Class VII), Lavanya Rajan (Class VIII) and Mohammed Irfan (Class VIII) who formed the junior team while Sneha Ann Reji (Class XI) Sinan Faizal (Class X) and Siddarth Narasimhan (Class X) who formed the senior team respectively brought laurels to school with their outstanding performance in the vibrant finals held on 12 and 13 April 2018. The competition was conducted by Indian Social Club Muscat as part of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of India in association with Al Bhaj Books under the auspices of the Embassy of India.

The President and Members of the School Management Committee along with the Principal congratulated the teams on their sparkling achievement.

SMC - STAFF MEETING , 14 April 2018

ISD won the First position in the ISC Quiz Senior Category!

ISD team got first prize in ISC Quiz under the Junior category

Faculty Development Programme, April 2018

ISD won the Second Runner up Trophy in Indian Social club Kerala wing Sports Meet

Scholars and Artists in the Making

Indian School Darsait, Kindergarten Section held its Annual Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, 24th February 2018 in the School’s auditorium to mark the end of one phase and the beginning of another for the outgoing batch of KG II. It was a moment of pride and honour not only for the students, but also for the parents, teachers and well wishers. The Chief Guests for the occasion were Mr. Ashraf Valappil, Treasurer, School Management Committee and Mrs. Nikhila Anilkumar, Head – Academic Subcommittee, for the morning and afternoon shifts respectively.

Mr. Thomas George, Convener, School Management Committee, Mr. Sebastian Chungath Head, HSE Subcommittee, Mrs. Shama Shams, Head, SEN Subcommittee and other dignitaries were also present to witness the grand event. Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Vice Principal, Primary Section, Supervisor, Coordinators, teachers and parents joined in the proceedings. KG II students clad in their ceremonial graduation gowns walked down the aisle with pride and happiness. The function commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp. Mrs. Geeta Chauhan, Vice Principal, Primary Section accorded a cordial welcome to the august gathering and blessed the little children for a bright future. The Chief Guests blessed and felicitated the students with certificates. Students also had the privilege of receiving the certificates from the honourable members of the SMC. Mr. Ashraf Valappil in his address emphasized on the importance of kindergarten and how these initial years help in laying a foundation to shape the personality of an individual in the first session, Mrs. Nikhila Anilkumar, in the second session, stated that a child learns the basic skills and values like sharing, caring, discipline, classroom rules etc. during these formative years. She also said that the child should be allowed to explore and given the freedom to learn while the teachers should only facilitate this process and provide a conducive environment for learning.

Mr. Thomas George, Convener, School Management Committee congratulated the students for completing their kindergarten journey and emphasized that each child should be motivated by the teachers and parents to follow their own dreams rather than imposing on them the ideas and aspirations of the adults.
Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, in her address, expressed that parenting is an art and parents should support their children with positive feedback rather than over pampering them which can adversely affect the child’s personality. She also appreciated the parents for the healthy relationship shared with the school and briefed about the various activities conducted during the academic year 2017-18 and later felicitated the students with maximum attendance and appreciated staff for their commitment and sincere efforts.

The teachers and the children recalled the fruitful and happy days spent as learners and facilitators. To add colour to the event, the KG I students were all tuned up in their finery and undoubtedly gave a rocking performance. As the audience swayed to the foot tapping music, the grand fiesta became a lovely memory to be cherished for a long time to come as they turned moments of farewell into moments of joyful memories.
The distinguished guests, parents and the staff of the school blessed the little angels in one accord as they grew wings and got ready to flutter into the yonder sky.

ISD witness 69th Republic Day at Delhi

A team of 104 students and 9 Teachers of Indian School Darsait witnessed the 69th Republic Day Parade at Rajpath on 26th January 2018 and the complete Dress Rehearsal of Beating the Retreat at Vijay Chowk on 28th January 2018.

The group left for Delhi on the early morning of 25th January 2018. They visited the famous and mighty Akshar Dham Swami Narayan Temple and various historical places such as Kutub Minar, India Gate Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, Taj Mahal etc.

The magnificent event at the Republic Day Parade at Raj Path included the synchronized movement of marching soldiers, stunning performance of BSF female cadres on bikes, the beautiful tableaus of various states depicting the greatness, culture, heritage and History of India, the breathtaking air show, splendid display of various missiles and ammunitions of our Armed Forces. ISD team was in great awe to watch Honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi walking down the Rajpath waving to the gallery.

The team also witnessed the famous and colourful complete dress rehearsal of ‘Beating the Retreat’ at Vijay Chowk in front of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 28th January 2018. The glorious band team of all three forces of India displayed a spectacular show of band and music. The rhythmic marching with music the colourful uniform, the flawless movement of soldiers mesmerized the audience. It is undoubtedly once in a lifetime event that each one should witness.
‘It is indeed an opportunity for these students who have only read about India’s Heritage and Culture as well as the freedom struggle through books to walk through the history of India, sacrifice of our freedom fighters and dedication of our Modern sculptures of New India when they visit these places and watch events of this magnitude’. Education is not limited to the four walls of the classrooms but these kinds of tours are the real life learning experiences that every institution must provide to their students, the Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath said.

The group reached Muscat on the wee hours of 30th January 2018 after gathering a lot of fond memories to cherish a life time.



Indian School Darsait organized Graduation Ceremony for their outgoing batch of Class XII at a solemn function held on 1st February 2018. Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, School Management Committee was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Addressing the students, the Chief Guest, congratulated them on completion of their course and the school days. He said, “It is a proud day for you because you are beginning your journey to become global citizens, a journey to exhibit the values and principles you have imbibed from this institution over the years, a journey to cherish your feelings and good memories” . He further asked them to maintain their identity as Indians wherever they would go for their higher studies and job pursuits. He wished that at least some of the graduands of the day would come back as teachers and make their alma mater proud. Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President in his Valedictory Message, called upon the students to accept and celebrate their failures rather than hide or run away from them so that they would be able to analyze their shortcomings and get more energy and power to become successful in their lives.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, in her invocation said, “Graduation is not the end, it is the beginning, and today is a very special day, it is the celebration of the culmination of one journey and the commencement of another”. She advised them to be cautious of the fantasy world with its highly impacted technology and gadgets, which would appear enticing but in reality, it would be a trap. She exhorted the students to be humble, bold and to be persons of character with no compromise on their integrity. She added that education would be the passport that would make them the richest human beings. She opined that nobody is born to the world as APJ Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi or Shakespeare, whereas the cultural environment in which one is born and brought up together with one’s efforts, would enable one make a difference in the society. She further urged the students to take up hard work, and nurture perseverance to script success stories by taking motivation from exemplary lives of Thomas Alva Edison, and Nick Vujicic.

Earlier, the function began with a ceremonial procession into the auditorium. Young graduands in glittering gowns looked highly impressive. Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, Senior Section, welcomed the august gathering in complimentary terms and expressed his joy over the benign presence of the Chief Guest, and distinguished Members of SMC, Principal, staff, parents and students.

Class Teachers, Mrs. Roilet Sherlin Noronha (12 A), Mrs.Jyothi Sukhadiya (12 B), Mrs.Ekta Gautam (12 C) and Mrs. Jyothilakshmi Ranjit (12 D) and Mrs. Annie Sarosh Thomas (12 NIOS) introduced their classes to the audience and read out proudly a brief profile of each student. Devansh Mohanan (12 A), Devika B R (12 B), Neel Bharatkumar (12 C) Merin Mary Bijoy (12 D) and Ben Mathew Abraham (12 NIOS) who represented their classes, shared their memories at ISD with nostalgia and pathos. Harikrishnan Lal Pillai, and Nanda I S, Head Boy & Head Girl respectively enumerated their reflections in an extremely heart throbbing manner.

Class XII students were conferred with certificates of course completion and mementos while several of them were honoured with awards of special recognition for their outstanding performance in extracurricular activities. In addition, certificates of recognition were also given away to the students for cent percent attendance and various other accomplishments through their school years. The representatives of outgoing students presented a lectern with microphone and Table Tennis Board and a complete set of cordless Microphone to their alma mater as a token of their love and gratitude.
Mr. B. Suresh Kumar, Assistant Vice Principal, expressed his profuse gratitude to all for their most valuable presence on this auspicious occasion and for making the graduation day a memorable one. The event concluded with Principal, who is the Head Teacher, passing on the light of Knowledge to the students through their Class Teachers and also administering an oath to Class XII to be truthful and righteous, to revere the parents and teachers and to shoulder the responsibilities that life offers. This was followed by the ‘corridor of blessings’ wherein students’ walked with lit candles and received blessings from their ‘Gurus’ and their Parents. The whole programme was interspersed with the rendition of pious songs by the school choir. As a maiden venture, the entire programme was live streamed and viewed by thousands of people.


For the 21st consecutive year CBSE is providing psychological counselling services to students at the time of preparation as well as during the examinations to overcome exam related stress. The Pre-Examination Psychological counselling for students and parents will begin from the 1st of February 2018, and will continue up to 13th April 2018. The CBSE annual counselling is an outreach programme which caters to the heterogeneous students population and vast geographical network of schools. CBSE Tele-Counselling is offered by Principals and trained counsellors from within CBSE affiliated schools located in and outside India. It is a voluntary, free of cost service provided by the participants.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal Indian School Darsait has been once again appointed as the CBSE pre-exam psychological counsellor to provide counselling services to the students at the time of preparation as well as during the examinations to overcome common psychological problems and exam related stress on taking the Grade X & XII Board Examinations. These services are extended to the students as well as their parents in order to clear their doubts and queries if any regarding the exam. A renowned educationist and counsellor par excellence, ISD Principal has been a part of CBSE Pre and Post Exam Counselling for the last four years and this is the fifth consecutive year that the CBSE has entrusted the Principal with this important role of the pre exam counselling.
The students who are appearing for their Board Examinations in March 2018 and their parents who require any counselling services may avail of this voluntary, free of cost service and may reach the Principal at with subject marked as ‘Counselling” or at +968 – 99432243. Kindly note that the counselling service will begin from 1st February 2018 and will continue up to 13th April 2018 on all working days from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Press Note : CBSE Counselling 2018

ISD Inaugurates SEN Resource Room and Talent Fest & Organizes Felicitation Ceremony

Indian School Darsait blossoms with yet another feather added to its cap with the inauguration of SEN Resource Room & Talent Fest along with Felicitation Ceremony as part of Silver Jubilee theme – ‘to be the most child-friendly and inclusive Indian School in Oman’ – on 23 January 2018. Dr. Baby Sam Samuel, Director, BoD & Director-in-Charge, CSE, BoD Indian Schools in Oman, and the Chief Guest on the occasion whose hands of blessings marked the launch of NIOS and now the inauguration of SEN Resource Room. The programme started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by prayer and welcome address by Master Harikeshav Pramodu, Deputy Head Boy.

The Chief Guest in his address lauded ISD’s initiative in making a difference by helping the SEN children realize their dreams and aspirations. Commenting on the present education system, Dr. Sam observed, “the aim of education has just been limited to make children career oriented rather than make them self-actualized, but the pioneering role of ISD by becoming the voice of the voiceless and the underprivileged is praiseworthy. He further inaugurated the SEN Resource Rooms and the Talent Fest. He commended “the SEN resource rooms in both primary and senior sections are of international standards”.
Special Education Needs (SEN) Resource Rooms of ISD have been designed to cater to the needs of children who have varied learning disabilities. Through remedial classes, children are taught to improve their cognitive skill. ABA methodologies are adopted to bring positive changes in the behaviour of these children. Physiotherapies are given to SEN children to improve their coordination, focus and attention. During the periods of vocational club, they are taught the art of making chocolates and candles and block printing. There was a display-cum-sale of items made by SEN children along with a rich array of cuisines in connection with the day’s programme.

The Chief Guest gave away prizes and certificates to the staff who have completed twelve years of their service in school, and to those for their 100 percent attendance, besides to the students who were outstanding in cultural competitions and to the ceremonial heads of student council for their exemplary leadership skills and responsible discharge of duties. Trophies were given away to the best houses while the parents of core committee were felicitated for their contribution and service to make the silver jubilee celebration of the school a grand success. Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, Principal, who was instrumental in getting the centum in CBSE Class XII Psychology Examination 2017, that made her student the national topper, was honoured for her excellence in teaching.
Addressing the audience, Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, SMC appreciated the hard work of ISD in helping the students reach the pinnacle of excellence. He spoke on the untiring efforts of teachers to make inclusive education a reality and a practice with the staunch support of parents. He hoped that the parents would continue their allegiance and patronage in all the ventures of ISD.
Ms.Anannya Jaikish, Deputy Head Girl proposed vote of thanks and expressed her deep appreciation to the Chief Guest, President, SMC, and other dignitaries especially Dr. Analpa, the Principal of CSE, for sparing their valuable time in gracing the occasion. She also thanked immensely the benevolent parents and dedicated teachers who helped the children make the day a memorable one.


The 69th Republic Day of India was celebrated with utmost fervour and enthusiasm at Indian School Darsait. The function began with the National Anthem of India. Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, SMC was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Greeting the gathering, the Chief Guest profoundly acknowledged the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the noble works of the makers of modern India. He was full of praise for the architect of our constitution Dr. B.R Ambedkar and his staunch fight for the annihilation of caste system. He urged all to keep up the secularism of our country accepting the multifarious diversities with tolerance. He read out ‘the excerpts of the President of India’s message to the nation on the Eve of Republic Day’.

Dr.Sridevi P.Thashnath, Principal in her closing remarks reminded us of an American writer’s tribute to our nation, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.”. Definitely, she added, India is everything, hence, everyone should take pride to be an Indian, and it is the responsibility of all to uphold and abide by the principles of the constitution of India. In her special message to children, she asked them to be bold to express themselves without fear on matters pertaining to them.

The key attractions of the day were a melodious group song by the students of primary section, a sweet rendition of a medley of patriotic songs by students of senior section and an impressive recitation of a popular Hindi poem by Ronak Rupesh of class 3.A. The celebration was a remarkable one with colourful decorations making the school auditorium clad in tricolors and brim with patriotic ambience.
Among the dignitaries who attended the function were Mr.Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President SMC, Mr.Ashraf Valappil, Treasurer, and other esteemed SMC Members apart from a huge number of parents and well-wishers.

69th Republic Day Celebration

Inauguration of SEN Resource Room and Talent Fest

Felicitation Ceremony

Felicitation to Yoga Competition Winners

Staff Training Session held on 13 January 2018

ISD Organizes Staff Training Session

A training session on ‘Contemporary Techniques of Dealing with Students and Parents’ was conducted for the teachers on Saturday, 13 January 2018 in the senior school auditorium as a part of ISD Annual Staff Career Development Programme. Dr. Venkat Ram Raj Thumiki, Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Economics, Modern College, Muscat was the resource person.

He started the session with the Key Word Communication (KWC) and its importance in making every interaction with students and parents very effective. He elaborated on Hi 5 Communication Techniques such as Sandwich Technique, Table Technique, ‘Yes And’ Technique, Mirroring Technique, Funnel Technique, and Conversation Generosity Technique to produce a better result out of every Parent Teacher Interaction. He further elaborated on practical tips to cater to ‘Quick Learning and Slow Forgetting’ technique while teaching different categories of students in a class.

The training, which was conducted in two sessions, were replete with thought provoking exercises, group discussions and drafting and demonstration of situations and scenarios. Unlike other training sessions conducted so far, the new sessions gave a unique experience with lot of ideas to implement in the present situation living up to the expectations and satisfying the rocketing needs of the Generation Z.

Earlier on the day, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal introduced the guest speaker while Mrs. Sheeja Philip, Coordinator (KG & Class I and II) welcomed all to the day’s programme. Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal (Senior Section) proposed vote of thanks. Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President, SMC and Mr. Varghese Tharakan, Head, Sports Subcommittee, SMC were among the dignitaries who attended the training programme.

Christmas Celebration –Special Assembly, Seniors

Christmas Celebration –Special Assembly, Primary

Special Assembly on the Constitution Day of India - Class VI D

Malayalam Quiz Winners



Indian School Darsait organized its Silver Jubilee Celebrations at City Amphitheatre Qurum on 24 November 2017 with fervour, joy, zeal and zest. The Chief Guest H.E Mr. Indra Mani Pandey, Ambassador of India to Sultanate of Oman inaugurated the function in the benign presence of Guest of Honour, Mr. Wilson V George, Chairman, BoD, Indian Schools in Oman and an august gathering of distinguished personalities who included, Embassy Officials, Official of Board of Directors, the President, and Members of School Management Committee, Former Presidents & Members of SMC, Principals of Other Indian Schools, Office bearers of Indian Social Club & its Wings, Principal, Administrators, Staff, Core Committee Members, Special Invitees parents, students, a good number of benefactors and well-wishers.

The function began with the prelude to the Royal Anthem of Oman and the National Anthem of India followed by a classical dance performance invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal extended a cordial welcome to all for their esteemed presence at the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the school and making it a historical event. She highlighted the importance of Inclusive Education and ISD’s priority to make the school the most inclusive and child friendly Indian school in Oman. Mr. Ajayan Poyyara who presided over the function enumerated the glorious achievements of the school over the years since its inception and expressed his profuse gratitude towards parents for their unstinting support and efficient leadership and guidance of former SMCs especially the Presidents. He hoped that the school would get the same patronage from the parents for the smooth running and for carving out many success stories in the days to come.

The Chief Guest H.E Mr. Indra Mani Pandey congratulated ISD on its completion of twenty-five glorious years of its commitment in providing quality education to Diaspora Children and for fulfilling its social responsibility and hoped that it might continue the same with added vigour and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest gave away the long service awards to the following Staff on completion of 24 dedicated years of service to the institution: Mrs. Leena Francis, Vice Principal (Primary Section), Mr. A.C Sarasan (HoD Malayalam), Mr. E.K. Hemraj, (Supervisor, Middle Section), Mrs Asalatha C.P, (English Teacher – Primary Section) Mr. P.V Gopinath, (Art Teacher), and Mrs Zawan A Rahman Gharib Al Zadjali (Omani staff).

Mr.Wilson V George, Chairman BoD, the Guest of Honour praised the school and congratulated SMC, administrators, staff, students and parents for working as a team to enable the school scale greater heights in all levels. He pointed out that there are many things that other Indian schools might learn from ISD. Master Harkrishnan Lal Pillai, Head Boy and Miss Nanda I.S, Head Girl proposed vote of thanks to mark the end of the formal function.

A much-awaited Cultural Extravaganza—a Variety Entertainment followed. The fusion of budding and youthful exuberance in perfect tunes and rhythmic movements was indeed a shimmering visual treat to the core. A Power point presentation ‘Glimpses’ portraying a rich array of school activities and the people behind them in a chronological order left an indelible imprint on the audience. Among other delicacies of the cultural extravaganza a mesmerizing dance performance on ‘inclusion’ in school presented by the tiny tots of KG touched the hearts of all present. Yet another item that had a sublimating effect was a journey of Indian Dance and Music by primary kids of the school. It was followed by a yoga skit, a superb performance by students of Inclusive Cell along with NIOS and mainstream children emphasizing on the vocational training given to special needs children at ISD. Global dance, an amalgam of Goan, African, Chinese and western styles and tunes displayed was indeed a delightful experience to watch while contemporary dance drama “Prometheus” was a thematic execution that took the audience to cloud nine.

The performance of dancers from other Indian schools namely Muscat, Wadi Kabir, Al Ghubra, Seeb, Maabela and Muladha and dancers from Malayalam and Kerala wings of Indian Social Club, Muscat was definitely a glittering sight to see and it was a compendium of beauty, entertainment and style.
The grand finale a medley of Sufi, Hindustani and Western singing by 160 students of primary and senior school had a rapturous impact to stay on. All lauded the cultural extravaganza that was put up as the culmination of ISD Silver Jubilee celebration, presented by Shifa Aljazeera Medical Services LLC, and powered by Al Nahdha Al Omania Co. LLC and supported by many sponsors and executed with a team of selfless ISD family.

The highlight of the evening was the theme of the event- ISD to be the most inclusive and child friendly Indian School in Oman. To support the theme, the entire lady staff wore sarees which were block printed by the students of Inclusive Cell and gentlemen staff carried block printed handkerchiefs.

Anugraha and Scouts & Guide Annual Personality Development Camp held on 10th and 11th November 2017

Anugraha the charity club of Indian school Darsait and scouts & guides organized their annual camp for students of classes VI to IX on November 10 and 11. 115 boys and girls and 7 teachers participated in the winter camp. It was held in the school and was an unprecedented one in terms of participation, classes and entertainment programme. The purpose of the camp was to hone the leadership skills of children as they play a pivotal role in their lives and also to provide them a rich learning experience beyond their normal classrooms. Inaugurating the camp, Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President, SMC said “camps like this give a wonderful opportunity for kids as they help them have unique experiences, discover new interests and create memories that last a lifetime”. The objective of this camp is to bring out the best in the kids so that they may know the pulse of the society and get them involved in bringing about noticeable changes in society”.

After that Mr. Robin, renowned Personality trainer and entrepreneur inspired the students with the session titled “Global values”.This was followed by a magic show by Mr. Asokan which enthralled the students who were transported to a new world of magic.

The highlight of the day’s programme included campfire which included a variety entertainment programme such as skit, dance and melodious songs. Next morning, campers went for a trekking along Darsait beach area where they attended an enriching session on various physical exercises and breathing exercises conducted by the Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath.

Since Student’s safety is the priority for the school, the eminent safety expert Mr. Pramesh conducted a wonderful training session on safety and first aid. He taught the students use of various types of bandages etc. A presentation on safety which new for the students apart from their regular learning process was also given as a part of the session.

Ms. Shamaila Gul Khan, teacher in Fine Arts, ISD conducted a session titled “Best out of waste” which was indeed an attempt to make use of waste materials to be converted in to beautiful & useful decorative items.

The Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath in her address said, “these sessions are very important for the students at this age. They can become the leaders of tomorrow. The sessions conducted here will be indeed very useful to you in future. The “Global Values” are very important to maintain since the world has become small because of scientific development”. She conveyed her happiness over the success of the programme and commended the untiring efforts made by Radhakrishna Kurup, coordinator, Clubs and events, Lal A Pillai, HoD, Co-Scholastics, Mr. Saju Joseph, Camp officer and their team in organizing the camp for the all round development of students. Mrs. Induresmi, Mrs. Harjinder Kaur, Mrs. Mary Viju, Mrs. Sumitha J. Netto, the teachers of ISD also attended this camp. In the concluding session, Mr. Jaikish Pavithran gave away certificates of participation to the students and teachers. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for the campers.

47th National Day of Oman Celebration

ISD to Organize Silver Jubilee Celebration – a Cultural Extravaganza on 24th November 2017 at City Amphitheatre, Qurum

Indian School Darsait has reached a historical milestone of 25 glorious years of serving the community by imparting quality education to children of Indian Diaspora. The school is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this academic year – 2017-18. On this auspicious occasion, the ISD family places on record, its deepest gratitude and reverence to His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

The support extended by Ministry of Education has always paved way for the development of the school through these years. The school takes this opportunity to extend its gratitude to MoE for all the help rendered towards the smooth conduct of the mega event – the Silver Jubilee Celebration. The Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman has always been a strength of support in all the educational endeavours taken up by the school since its inception.

After a humble beginning in 1992 and 25 years of endless strive towards excellence with the vision to be the most preferred Indian School in the capital area; ISD has worked hard to nurture future generation of passionate learners and gracious global citizens.

The determination of the management, professional honesty of the staff, hard work of the students, cooperation of parents, and the unstinted support of other stakeholders, and the Omani Community have contributed to the remarkable growth of the institution during the arduous journey towards academic excellence.

The school is hosting its Silver Jubilee Celebrations at City Amphitheatre, Qurum on 24th November 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm. The theme of the event is “ISD – the most Inclusive and Child Friendly Indian School in Oman”. A Cultural Extravaganza by ISD along with other Indian schools and linguistic wings of Indian Social Club Muscat.

The funds raised through this sponsored event will be used exclusively to develop full-fledged state-of-the-art resource rooms for Children with Special Needs, to expand and strengthen the Inclusive Education Cell, towards the financial support for the needy students and to develop other infrastructure facilities of the school.

Shifa Al Jazeera is the presenter of the programme. Many sponsors have confirmed their support. The response from the parent community and well-wishers have been very positive. ISD family is gearing up to make this event a memorable one for all the stake holders. The support from print and visual media is always commendable and it is the strength of ISD. We are convinced that the success of this event will also depend on the wholehearted cooperation of the media.