The 71st Independence Day of India was commemorated at Indian School Darsait on Tuesday, 15 August 2017 with patriotic fervor and enthusiasm. Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, School Management Committee was the Chief Guest on the occasion and the presence of distinguished Members of SMC – Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President; Mr. Thomas George, Convener; Mr. Ashraf Valappil, Treasurer; Mrs. Nikhila Anilkumar, Head of Academic Subcommittee; Mr. Afroz Ahmad, Head of Staff Welfare, Health & Grievances Subcommittee; Mr. C.X Varghese Tharakan, Head of Sports Subcommittee; Mr. Ajit Vasudevan, Head of Cultural and Co Curricular Subcommittee; Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath; staff, students, parents and well-wishers of ISD added colour to the festivities.

Adorned in Tricolour, the ambience stirred unity and oneness among all those who had gathered for the celebration.

In his Presidential Address, the Chief Guest paid his rich tribute and reverence to the great Freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives to light up the spirit of Free India. He urged all present to cherish the freedom that we have got as a gift from our ancestors, to walk on the path shown by them and to work towards the betterment of our great country.

The Chief Guest also read out the excerpts of the message delivered by the Honourable President of India, Sri Ram Nath Kovind on the eve of Independence Day and administered the pledge to the audience to strive for a better and cleaner India – to make our Motherland free from poverty, corruption, terrorism and communalism.

Highlights of the day’s celebration were melodious rendition of patriotic songs“Dil Diya Hai Jaan bhi Dhenge” by the choir from Primary School and Patriotic Medley by Senior School students respectively. It was followed by the grand finale, “Bharatheeyam” –a contemporary dance tribute to our Nation.

The occasion also witnessed the prize distribution ceremony by the Chief Guest and Members of the School Management Committee. Prizes and certificates were given away to 77 students of Class 10 who had scored CGPA 10 in the CBSE Class 10 Assessment 2016- 17, Sastra Prabha Award 2016-17 to Varun S Nair of Class VI.F A special award ‘the Guinness World Records – Certificate of Participation won by two of our students – Shreya Umrani of Class I.C and Janani Pandiyan of Class IV.A for participation in a team event of making longest crocheted scarf was also presented. The programme, which enthralled the audience for more than an hour, was indeed an experience to cherish.

The programme was followed by a painting competition on the theme ‘Independence Movement of India’ conducted as per the circular from CBSE in connection with the 70th Anniversary of Independence and 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement. As many as 40 students from classes 6 to 10 wholeheartedly participated in the competition. The Chief Guest, Mr. Ajayan Poyyara inaugurated the event while Mr. Thomas George, Convener, SMC and the Principal greeted them on this joyous occasion.


Indian School Darsait organized its Annual Exhibition titled ‘Synergy 2017’ on Thursday, August 10. The event displayed vigour and fervour of students in the honing of innovation, exploration and experiment skills. It was indeed an open competition in which students of classes 6 to 12 took part with utmost enthusiasm.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Ajit Vasudevan, Head, Co-curricular and Cultural Subcommittee, SMC, officially inaugurated the expo in the presence of esteemed Members of SMC, Principal, administrators, staff, students and parents of ISD. The much-awaited exhibition attracted the attendance of a huge crowd of parents and well-wishers. Switching on the prize winning exhibits the Chief Guest expressed his immense pleasure for having been invited to such a wonderful event. He also commended the quest of young minds for venturing into the horizons of knowledge to seek education beyond books and the four walls of the classroom. He also shared his great satisfaction at the meticulous and systematic planning and execution of this prestigious event which is an important learning experience for every child.

Among the exhibits in Science that captured the attention of many were Sources of Renewable Energy, Desert-Future of Power Generation, E-waste Management, Modern Methods of Irrigation, Tidal Energy, Solar Energy, Multipurpose Dam, Rain Water Harvesting while the Department of Mathematics thrilled and tilted the brain with Infinity Mirror, Magic of Trigonometry, Geometry with Magnet, Pythagoras Theorem. The Department of Social Science presented a large array of exhibits such as Historical Monuments, Model of Kochi Airport, French Revolution, Indus Valley Civilization, Global Warming, River Basins, Volcano and Pollution.

The ICT Department of the school added zeal and zest to the event with Website Development, Poster making and Project Presentation while the Department of Commerce displayed banking facilities, logos and currencies and the benefits of newly introduced GST and a dream come true Kochi Metro. The Department of Art and Craft mesmerized the visitors with wonderful fusion of colours and designs along with a crafts fair.

Mr. Thomas George, Convener, SMC, Mrs. Nikhila Anilkumar, Head, Academic subcommittee, Mr. Varghese Tharakan, Head, Sports Subcommittee and Mr. Sebastian Chungath, Head, HSE, Subcommittee encouraged the students with their presence throughout the time interacting with them and appreciating them for the exemplary work they carried out.

The Principal conveyed her deep appreciation to everyone especially the participants and teachers of the Departments of Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Commerce, ICT and Art & Craft and for making the exhibition much appealing. She also acknowledged and placed on records the dedication and strenuous efforts of all for working as a team that scripted yet another story of success as the school celebrates its Silver Jubilee this year.

ISD Organizes Staff Training Session

Indian School Darsait organized a two-day staff training session as part of ISD Annual Staff Career Development Programme. Dr. Shankar Ramachandran, Consultant & Leadership Development Trainer was the chief resource person on day one. He spoke convincibly on how to enhance the skill of professionalism at work place. Mrs. T.S Nagaarthi, Therapist & Counsellor, ISD elaborated on the importance of body posture of students and staff in order to avoid pain in later life was the main speaker on the concluding day.

Dr. Shankar Ramachandran depicted the importance of communication in day-to-day professional life. He stressed that blocks like deletion can mar the effectiveness of communication. The communicator should be well aware of not only the outcomes but also the consequences of communication. He urged the teachers to be sensitive about the cultural and psychosocial ecology of the learners. Dr. Ramachandran differentiated the concepts of being a ‘successful’ vis-a-vis ‘professional’ teacher.

Therapist, Mrs. Nagaarthi presented an eye-opening power-point presentation that delineated the importance of physical fitness in the life of learners and teachers for which engendering a proper posture is a must. One has to learn and maintain a correct posture while standing, sitting, walking or lying down. Mrs. Nagaarthi’s presentation, elucidation and demonstration could drive in the oft-felt yet never so well exposed finer aspects of correct posture in one’s life.
Earlier Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, ISD introduced the resource persons and reminded the teaching community of the need for ‘learning, unlearning and relearning’ by way of effective Faculty Development Programme. Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, Senior School extended a cordial welcome to all while Mr. B Suresh Kumar, Assistant Vice Principal, Secondary & Senior Secondary proposed vote of thanks. Distinguished Members of School Management Committee also attended the training session.


Indian School Darsait organized Investiture Ceremony of the office bearers of the Student Council for the academic year 2017-18 on 5 June at senior school auditorium. Mr. Mohammad Sabir Raza Faizi, Finance Director, BoD was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, Senior Section extended a cordial welcome to the Chief Guest and the dignitaries with fervour and enthusiasm. He acknowledged their benign gracious presence and welcomed all others to the day’s solemn function.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal briefed the audience about the purpose of student council and how the present body took shape through a transparent, democratic and rigorous process of election and selection conducted over the past few weeks. She proudly announced the names of the Ceremonial Heads led by Harikrishnan Lal Pillai, the Head Boy and Nanda I.S the Head Girl, Bhadra Ashok Kumar – Cultural Secretary, Afreen Shafir -Sports Captain, Hani P Jamal- Literary Secretary, Saurav K Sajeev- HSE Secretary, Neel Bharatkumar Ghaghada -IT Secretary, Deputy Ceremonial Heads, Assistant Head Boy and Head Girl, General Prefects and House Coordinators. It was followed by the introduction of Captains, Vice Captains and House Prefects by the House Counsellors of four houses: Bapu, C.V Raman, Tagore and Vivekananda. The Principal then administered the Oath of Office to the new Student Leaders.

The Chief Guest along with President, SMC, Convener, SMC and Principal pinned ‘Badges of Responsibilities and Power’ to the Ceremonial Heads, General Prefects, the House Coordinators, Captains and Vice Captains while the House Counsellors did the honours for the House Prefects.

The Chief Guest spoke about the attributes of a good leader and urged them to be leaders of tomorrow by imbibing leadership qualities. He further called upon the student leaders to learn from experience, to be role models to others so that they would discharge their responsibilities and duties to the best of their abilities and without fear.
Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, SMC, congratulated the budding leaders of ISD and reminded them that they should follow certain principles of life such as honesty positivity and fellow feelings. The Head Boy and the Head Girl representing the Student Council delivered their acceptance speech. They spoke emphatically on the nobility of their positions, swore their support and allegiance to the school and promised to discharge their duties and responsibilities as keen participants rather than mere spectators. Mr. Thomas George, the first Head Boy of the school, felicitated the young and spirited leaders recalling the days that he spent at ISD. Moreover, he exhorted them to demonstrate their leadership qualities so that they would always be winners in life.

Mr. B Suresh Kumar, Assistant Vice – Principal (Secondary & Senior Secondary), proposed vote of thanks and expressed his profound and profuse gratitude to each and every one especially the Chief Guest, distinguished guests and parents for sparing their valuable time in making the day a very memorable one. The school choir created an ambience of solemnity and bliss with melodious songs.

ISD Hosts Iftar – Amity of benevolence

Indian School Darsait organized an Iftar Get-together at the senior school auditorium on 5th June 2017 to mark the essence of Holy Month of Ramadan- a time of reflection and devotion to God. The President, Mr.Ajayan Poyyara who took the initiative of bringing together communities, displayed the ‘Spirit of Oneness’ which is the ‘essence of Ramadan’. The get – together was a witness to the coming together of different cultures and traditions to celebrate unity in diversity and to strengthen the spiritual bonding thereby honouring the values of peace, charity and forgiveness.

The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Mr. Muradh, Member of Majilis Al Shura, Mr. Salim Mohammad Al Ghamary, Municipal Council Member, Muttrah, Mr. Wilson V. George, Chairman BoD, Mr. C.M. Najeeb, Vice Chairman, BoD, Dr. C.K Anchan & Mr. Baby Sam Samuel, Directors, BoD, Mr.Mathew Abraham, Educational Advisor to the Board of Directors, Dr. Alex C Joseph, Assistant Educational Advisor, Mr. P.M Jabir, Hon. Secretary Community Welfare ISC, Muscat & Member of NORKA, Kerala, Mr. Ratheesan, Convener, ISC Kerala Wing, Mr. Thomas George, Convener, SMC, ISD other distinguished Members of SMC, former President and members of SMC administrators, Omani staff of the school along with their families, ISD teaching and non teaching staff and the members of the local community. The purpose of the gathering was to send across the message of brotherhood, sincerity, endurance, and gratefulness for every tiny blessing during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, Principal extended a cordial welcome to the august gathering and thanked them profusely for their presence. ‘The Fathiha’ recited by one of the Arabic teachers, Mr. Shamsudheen.A.P, marked an auspicious beginning to the evening and sanctified the ambience. The goodies carefully chosen to suit the taste buds during the fasting month included a spectrum of traditional delicacies. The turnout was extremely amazing that showed that the invitation was very well responded in the affirmative. Around two hundred people attended the get – together and enjoyed the array of sumptuous dinner. An elaborate arrangement for the prayers was made separately for the ladies and gentlemen at the school itself.

The President, SMC and the Principal thanked the attendees from the core of their hearts for keeping up the spirit of Fasting and the Iftar Get-together.


Indian School Darsait organized Academic Excellence Award Ceremony at Senior School auditorium on 3 June 2017. Dr. C.K Anchan, Director, BOD, Indian Schools in Oman, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The programme started with prayer followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, Principal welcomed the Chief Guest and other dignitaries to the day’s solemn ceremony. She commended the unprecedented achievements of the students catalyzed by the active support of their parents together with the tireless efforts of the teachers in making the school maintain the apex position of zero failure in Class XII Board Examinations. She thanked the School Management Committee for their timely guidance and unmitigated encouragement being rendered to all activities of the school. She concluded her words which were a glowing tribute to the teachers, quoting Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers of all time “Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives, choice, no chance, determines your destiny”.

The Chief Guest Dr. C.K.Anchan, addressed the august gathering of the day and congratulated the awardees, parents and teachers. He said, “ISD is one of the best Indian Schools in Oman because inspite of lots of constraints the school has always created history in both scholastics as well as co-scholastics area. The huge turnout of parents is a witness to the fact that the support of the parents is immense.” The Chief Guest urged the parents to continue their support to the school as it would encourage their wards to excel and strengthen their value system. He further motivated all with examples of Indian success stories that permeated confidence across the world. Dr.Anchan lauded the efforts of the Principal and the team of dedicated teachers for helping the students realize their dreams and achievements. He felicitate the achievers and gave away gold medals, mementos and certificates to the toppers of Class XII Board Examination held in March and April 2017, second and third toppers, National Topper Award and A1 achievers in all subjects (Class XII).

Mr. Ajayan Poyyara through his Presidential Address, commended the excellent performance of the students and advised the winners to keep up their Indian identity wherever they go and whatever they do. He acknowledged the efforts of ISD in launching NIOS that provides succor to the marginalized learners and congratulated the teachers for providing extra help through inclusive education. The President did the honours for the subject toppers in Class XII, class toppers and A1 scorers in Class XI, while Mr. Thomas George, Convener, SMC gave away Merit Awards (Classes XI & XII) and the Head of the Institution distributed Principal’s honours awards to Classes XI & XII.

Mrs. Nikhila Anil Kumar, Head-ACS, SMC, felicitated the A1 achievers in all subjects in Class IX while other esteemed Members of SMC, Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Mr. C.X Varghese Tharakan, Mr.Ajit Vasudevan did the honours for the A1 achievers from Classes VI to VIII. The newly inducted Members of SMC namely, Mrs. Shamah Shams and Mr. Sebastian Chungath, felicitated A* achievers in all subjects from Classes I-V and G.K & Spell Bee toppers in both primary and senior sections of the school respectively.

To wind up the event, Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese Vice Principal (Senior Section) proposed vote of thanks and expressed his deep appreciation to the Chief Guest, President, SMC, and other dignitaries for sparing their valuable time in gracing the occasion. He also thanked immensely the benevolent parents and dedicated teachers who helped the children achieve such a wonderful fete. The day was also marked with melodious music presented by school choir.


Indian School Darsait is exuberant over its buoyant students as they brought in the best result ever in the CBSE Class X Assessment held in March 2017. It is indeed proud moments for ISD family as its Grade X students broke all previous records carving an indelible imprint in the annals of the achievements of the school.
Out of 193 students who appeared for the Summative Assessment, 77 students scored a perfect CGPA 10 adding yet another feather to the crowning glory of ISD. 57 students scored CGPA 9 to 9.8, 48 students scored CGPA 8 to 8.8, 10 students scored CGPA 7 to 7.8 and 1 Student scored CGPA 6.8.

Following are the glittering stars that really made the school scale greater heights with their outstanding performance of CGPA 10:
Arun Darbi, Malavika Ramachandran, Abhijith Rajesh, Dona Lisa Mathew, Leya Susan Binu, Prince Shaju Arikkatt, Shreya Manoj, Steffi Maria Sebastian, Prashob Suresh Babu, Sandini Najeema, Aiswarya Manikandan, Amal Deyal Santhoshkumar, Ananthu S.Nair, Anushree C.R, Anwar Muhammed N.S, Bella Varghese, Biji Thomson, Nadha Ashraf, Neha Roy, Nimisha Haneesh, Rahumath Sadiq, Saran.S, Sneha Sachin, Anamika Janardhanan, Ashina Mol Azad, Devika Rajeev, Shiphi Abraham Thomas, Sreelakshmi Atholi, Abinav Puduvayil, Aromal Shaji, Harishankar.M, Hisham Ishak, J.E.Smilin, Reejo Kuriakose, Shwetha Sivadas Karanchery, Snigdha Sathyanathan, Stephy Ann Zachariah, Alphi Kurian Shajan, Anannya Jaikish, Anurag Biju Saritha, Ashwin Ajay, Athira.V.S, Devasena Sajeev, Janet Anna Jophy, Megha Jacob, Naira Riyas, Priyanka Thashnath Pradeep, Rixa Ann Reji, Rohan Roy Mathew, Sneha Sabu Abraham, Sreyas Sivan, Jeroame Jacob Prince, Joyal Jojo, Leya Mathew, Mohammed Riswan Nassim, Pranav Praveen, Muhammad Ajnas Ahmed, Shabla.K.P, Muhliza Abdulla, Abhimanyu Bhati, Ananya Warrier, Annriya Jomy Vithayathil, Kulkarni Anshul Aniruddha, Harikeshav Pramodu, Nishita Manoj Pillai, Noor Salman, Sivaram Narayan, Annlita Bobby, Drishya Dinesh, Gautham Manuraj, Yash Mittal, Atul Balasubramaniyam, Maitreyee Yogesh Naik, S.Naveen, Vachana Francis, Anjali Krishna Subhash and F.Shiny Rachel

Compared to the last year’s result the school has made an overwhelming output with 77 students scoring perfect CGPA 10 out of 193 students whereas 126/ 193 students scored A1 in English, 99/193 students scored A1 in Science, 97/191 students got A1 in Social Science, 94/190 students achieved A1 in Maths, 86/130 students got A1 in Malayalam, 21/39 students secured A1 in Hindi, 7/8 students got A1 in Sankrit and 5/15 students secured A1 in Arabic.

Principal, Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath, congratulated the students on their glorious achievement and praised the students, teachers and parents for their tireless strivings in making the stars of ISD shine brilliantly. Mr.Ajayan Poyyara, President, and Members of SMC conveyed their joy and happiness over the excellent result that the school could garner.


It is indeed a proud moment for Indian School Darsait as our Principal Dr. Sridevi P.Thashnath has been once again appointed as Post – Result CBSE Annual Counsellor to provide counseling services to the Sultanate of Oman region students and their parents to overcome common psychological problems and general queries after the declarations of Class X & XII results.
The second phase of Annual Counselling begins from 28 May 2017 to 11 June 2017 from 8 pm to 10 pm on all working days. It is a voluntary, free of cost service that can be availed of by students of Indian Schools across the Sultanate of Oman.
The CBSE Counselling is an outreach programme which is carefully designed keeping the heterogeneity of student’s population and geographical spread. CBSE Tele counselling is largely offered by trained counsellors and Principals from within CBSE affiliated schools located in India and outside India. The students and parents who require assistance may reach the Principal at or can call at +968 99432243 between 8 pm and 10 pm.



 Students of Indian School Darsait yet again proved that with hard work and dedication one can reach great heights. In the AISSC Examination for the year 2016-17, Grade XII students came out with flying colours as they successfully produced cent percent results. In Commerce Stream, Swetha Madhan secured the first position with 95.4%, followed by Hiba Ishaq with 94.6 % while Swamith Ashokan.M grabbed the third position with 91.6%

In Science Stream Daison Darlan top-scored with 94.6 %, Pavanjeeth Balakrishnan bagged the second position with 93. 8% and Sachin John Thomas came third with 92.4 %.

School averages in other subjects are: Psychology with 83.3 %, Computer Science 80%, Physics with 78.5%, Multimedia & Web Technology with 77.9%, Biology with 74.2%, Mathematics with 70.8%, followed by Business Studies 67.3%, Accountancy with 60.1% and Economics with 50%.

Nandhika Sundara Raman brought laurels to school when she scored centum in Psychology while Fahmidha Khalid and Ashok V.P made school proud scoring 97 % each in Computer Science and Chemistry respectively. Swetha Madhan scored 96 % in both English and Economics while Fahmy Aboobaker scored 96% in English and 95% in Biology. Swamith Ashokan.M, Megha Sabu, Nourin Nasser and Shriya V.Parameswar scored 96% in Marketing. Besides, a total of 26 other students scored 95 marks in English.

The following 5 students namely, Swetha Madhan, Hiba Ishaq, Daison Darlan, Fahmidha Khalid and Sachin John Thomas topped in Maths with 95%. Hiba Ishaq topped in Business Studies with 96% while Swetha Madhan, Athira Pradeep Kumar, Samuel Samju Kavattu and Swamith Ashokan.M scored 95 % in it. Apart from these achievements, Hiba Ishaq and Swetha Madhan got 95% each in Accountancy whereas Zihan Basheer topped in Multi Media & Web Technology with 94%. Daison Darlan and Pavanjeeth Balakrishnan topped in Physics with 95% while 15 other students scored 95 and above in Chemistry, whereas Devika Suresh and Angel Joji scored 95% in Psychology.

Dr.Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal congratulated the students, parents and teachers on this remarkable achievement. She lauded the strenuous efforts of all who worked as catalysts in making school proud.
Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President and other esteemed members of the SMC conveyed their happiness over the excellent results.


Indian School Darsait launched NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) on 17th May 2017. Mr. Baby Sam Samuel, Director, BOD, Indian Schools in Oman and the Chief Guest of the day’s ceremony launched the NIOS services at ISD – an extension of educational service to Indian learners across Oman, who are unable to cope with main stream education.
Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, Senior Section and NIOS Associate Coordinator welcomed the Chief Guest and the dignitaries in glowing terms.

Speaking on the solemn occasion, Mr. Ajayan Poyyara, President, SMC said that ISD is entering its 25th year of existence and an added extended service would definitely be a milestone for our school that has prioritized inclusive education. NIOS is a flexible system of education that will definitely provide the students ample time, space and opportunity to learn according to their needs and requirements. The school is privileged to fulfill its social obligation through NIOS.
Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, ISD and NIOS Coordinator provided an effective insight into Open Schooling through a presentation on “NIOS – Myths and Facts”. She emphasized about NIOS by enumerating a plethora of personalities who had benefited much from NIOS and how they created success stories out of their lives. She also added that ISD was privileged to take up Open Schooling as a Social Commitment in its Silver Jubilee year of establishment and to reiterate its dedication by providing an added service to the Diaspora Children. She further acknowledged the timely guidance and directives from the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman and the staunch support extended by the School Management Committee in making this dream a reality.

Addressing a packed gathering of students, staff and parents, the Chief Guest, Mr Baby Sam commended the school’s initiatives in the field of quality education. He added that the starting of NIOS at ISD is the most visionary step through which the school has widened its horizon by opening its doors to those learners who have diverse needs and varied interests. Mr. Baby Sam appreciated the School’s continued dedication in helping such children. He congratulated Team ISD for striving hard to ensure that quality education reaches every child.

Mr. Radhakrishna Kurup, NIOS Supervisor, proposed the vote of thanks and expressed his profound gratitude to the Chief Guest, Mr. Baby Sam Samuel, the president of SMC, Mr. Ajayan Poyyara; the Convener of SMC, Mr. Thomas George; other members of SMC and parents for their magnanimity in attending this important function of the school despite a busy schedule of engagements and preoccupations. The school choir presented a melodious rendition of the Theme song of NIOS – Jeevan yeh Prakashit Karne.