Indian School Darsait organized Investiture Ceremony of the office bearers of the Student Council for the academic year 2018-19 on 16 May at senior school auditorium. Dr. C.M Najeeb, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath Principal, extended a cordial welcome to the Chief Guest and the august gathering of dignitaries who included Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC, esteemed members of SMC, school administrators, staff, parents and students.

The Principal further briefed the audience about the purpose of student council and how the present body took shape through a transparent, democratic and rigorous process of election and selection conducted over the past a few days. She proudly announced the names of students selected for the ceremonial posts led by Harikeshav Pramodu and Anannya Jaikish, Head Boy and Head Girl respectively, Abhimanyu Bhati -Sports Captain, Aromal Shaji -Cultural Secretary, Anjali Krishna- Literary Secretary, Malavika Ramachandran- HSE Secretary, Maitreyee Yogesh Naik -IT Secretary, Deputy Ceremonial Heads, Akshay Ajit- Assistant Head Boy, S Poorna Sree- Assistant Head Girl, General Prefects and House Coordinators. It was followed by the introduction of Captains, Vice Captains and House Prefects by the House Counsellors of four houses: Bapu, C.V Raman, Tagore and Vivekananda. Following which the Principal administered the pledge to the new leaders.

The Chief Guest along with President, SMC, and Principal pinned badges and sashes to the Ceremonial Heads, General Prefects, House Coordinators, Captains and Vice Captains while the House Counsellors did the honours to the House Prefects.

The Chief Guest called upon the students to enjoy every moment of life by doing good things and celebration of life should guide them beyond tests and exams. They should learn from experience and be ready to face challenges that life poses. He further said that how much they cared for others was more important than how much they knew. Moreover, they should be very diligent in discharging their duties as responsible student leaders.

Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, President, SMC, congratulated the budding and vibrant leaders of ISD and reminded them that they should follow certain life principles such as nurturing positive thoughts and fellow feeling. He focused on the attributes of a good leader and how he/she would attract followers. The Head Boy and the Head Girl representing the Student Council delivered their acceptance speech. They spoke emphatically on the nobility of their positions, swore their support and allegiance to the school and promised to discharge their duties and responsibilities as keen participants and role models.

Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese Vice Principal (Senior Section), proposed vote of thanks and expressed his profound and profuse gratitude to each and every one especially the Chief Guest, distinguished guests and parents for sparing their valuable time in making the day a very memorable one. The school choir created a solemn ambience with melodious and motivational songs.