A Salute to the Visionaries who nurtured Indian School Darsait
(Presidents of the School Management Committees)

George Mathew (Founder President)
George Mathew, a Chartered Accountant by profession and the Chairman and Managing Partner of George Mathew & Co, Chartered Accountants in Oman since 1988, was the founding president of Indian School Darsait. His term extended from January 1994 to April 2000. During his long and successful tenure as the President of the School Management Committee, the school grew in the real sense that the student strength of the school rose from a paltry 127 to 1219. The staff strength also increased and he was instrumental in shifting the school from a small rented building in Jibroo to new purpose-built leased premises at Darsait to accommodate the growing numbers. This is the building that houses the present Senior school.

Abraham Mathew
After having served in various capacities in the SMC, Mr. Abraham Mathew, an advocate from Kerala, active social worker and businessman, went on to become the President of the SMC in April 2000 and held the position till April 2002. His contributions towards the development of the school have been immense. It was during his tenure that the classes were upgraded from Grade 10 to Grade 12 and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science were set up. He was instrumental in initiating the procurement of the additional primary building on lease.


K.S. Visruthan
Mr. K.S. Visruthan, the Chief Finance Officer and Director, Member of the Senior Management team of AA Group of Catering Companies, held the position of the President of SMC from April 2002–April 2003. During his term, the Primary section including the Kindergarten moved into the present Primary premises.



A very brief period between April 2003 and June 2003 saw Mr. Karmachandran, a Senior Consultant at ABC Consultants, at the helm of affairs.



George Mathew (Vacha)
Yet another long serving president that the SMC had; was Mr. George Mathew (Vacha), the Managing Partner of Hussain Fadhil and Partners LLC. He worked in various capacities in the SMC initially for three years and then rose to the position of President in November 2003 and served a term of 5 years when he stepped down in June 2008. During his much-appreciated tenure, the school initiated a makeover from KSBS to CBSE. He was also instrumental in upgrading the senior IT laboratory.



K. Radhakrishnan Nair
After joining the SMC as a member in May 2003, Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair, an architect by profession, served as the President of the SMC from June 2008 to May 2009. He initiated the e-School Management System and negotiation for procurement of the Senior School building. He also introduced a very useful scheme ‘Own a Laptop’ for the benefit of teachers and the enhancement of digital teaching.




Ameer Ahamed
Mr. Ameer Ahamed, the Chairman and Group Managing Director of Manappat Group of Companies, was the president of the SMC from May 2009 to March 2011. He played a key role in the procurement of the Senior School building by negotiating with the landlord and signing the MoU. During his term as SMC President he also initiated the process of acquiring a new extensive land at Al Awabi near Al Ansab for setting up a new Indian community school.



E.J. John
A very brief period from April 2011 to June 2011 saw Mr. E.J. John, the CEO of Gulf International Construction & Interiors Co. in Doha, Qatar holding the post of the President of SMC.




Mr. N. Omanakuttan
Mr. N. Omanakuttan, held the position of the President of SMC from October 2011–June 2014. During his term, in line with the CBSE requirement that makes ICT enabled teaching–learning mandatory, Indian School Darsait has equipped all 72 classrooms with 46” LED televisions and white boards to facilitate digital instruction, to provide adequate exposure to digital materials, to motivate and sustain student interest, to reinforce learning, and to create a high-interest learning environment. Digitization of administration and academic work was implemented with the software package ‘Digital Campus’ which has established connectivity between the school administration, teachers, students, parents, alumni and external mentors through a common ICT platform.

The school has received NABET accreditation and ISD is the first overseas school accredited to NABET. An additional land of 4980 sq.m received during his tenure as President, SMC. Three Carnivals were organized successfully with the help of SMC members, Parents, Staff and students for the infrastructural development of Indian School Darsait.


Mr. Abdul Rahim Kasim
Mr. Abdul Rahim Kasim, the Group Managing Director of Badar Shipping, was the president of the SMC from July 2014 to June 2016. During his term as SMC President he initiated the school transport system and implemented in the year 2015. The school approved and monitored transport system is an unprecedented initiative taken by the SMC under the guidance of the BOD and the primary objective of this system is the safety and comfort of the children.